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Your token-based game center just got a lot smarter

FINANCING NOW AVAILABLE! GameAlert™ pricing for 25 games and bill changer is $50 a week with no money down! See the PRICING section for more information. 

• Know what your customers like

Gaming trends are constantly changing, and your customers will tell you by what they play.  With GameAlert reports you can compare your game play in real-time. With GameAlert reports you can  compare different periods of time and see which games, game categories and locations are creating the most profit!

• Know the instant a problem happens

Your profit depends on your popular games working and the Changers dispensing tokens to customers. With GameAlert Real-time Alerts you know immediately if a ticket dispenser is jammed or if a Changer Hopper is low on tokens.

• Know from anywhere

You can monitor your business and games from just about anywhere. GameAlert is wireless and Web-based. The system will continuously send you real-time information – wherever you may be.

• Change the game

You can remotely change the price of tokens at your changers with GameAlert. You choose the period of time for the marketing event and the number of tokens per dollar. The system automatically does the work for you.

GameALERT is a low-cost, real-time business information system for token based family entertainment centers.
GameALERT tracks revenue, game performance and potential problems from anywhere you can connect to the internet